Municipal enterprise Baiersdorf

In order to further anchor climate protection in the urban area, the municipal utility Baiersdorf (SK-B) commissioned eta Energieberatung to carry out a project study at the end of 2017. For the local secondary school and surrounding buildings (including residential buildings) it had to be shown how a sustainable heat supply can be set up in a heating network.

Stahlgruber GmbH

The energetic weak points were analysed and solutions were proposed. Thus a concept could be developed which provides for a reduction of the heat input via the roof windows, improvements at the air curtains and a higher cooling capacity. The heat supply can be realised most economically by a central generation with CHP.

Hospital Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The analysis of the existing cogeneration plant showed that the operation of the natural gas cogeneration plant is still economical. The use of biomethane would make ecological sense, but is currently not economical. The production of cold from the absorber is only recommended if the heat comes from the CHP. In addition, an electricity/natural gas tender was carried out.

Alno AG

An economic comparison of different heat generation technologies has shown that the conversion to decentralised hot water generation with natural gas low-temperature boilers was more economical than refurbishment or replacement investment in the waste wood heating plant. In addition, a natural gas CHP plant was installed to cover the company’s own electricity requirements.