“Safeguard yourself when purchasing energy. Apart from an audit-proof and legally correct call for tenders, we can achieve rock-bottom energy prices for you. That goes easy on your budget and provides planning safety.”

Andreas Schmid – Head of the Energy Procurement Division

eta expert Mr. Schmid
Professional purchasing energy

“Frequently, we can significantly reduce the ancillary energy costs of our customers. They bear no risk, and can only benefit. Our payment comes from the achieved savings, which are divided between us.”

Johannes Mahl – Efficiency Consultant

eta expert Mr. Mahl
cost saving by reducing energy costs

“We found energy saving potentials in every company we investigated. Practically every time, they are located in the energy infrastructure and in energy usage.”

Ernst Hellriegel – Head of Marketing, Strategy and Quality Management

eta expert Mr. Hellriegel
Energy saving potentials

“Our expert opinions help your decision making. They also avoid expensive wrong decisions, and strengthen your negotiating position.”

Florian Ilmberger – Managing Director of eta Energieberatung

SEO Mr. Ilmberger
Expert opinions – avoid expensive wrong decisions

“The technical feasibility of biomass-fired plants is not a decisive factor for their efficiency, but their correct sizing and the availability of suitable fuels.”

Volkmar Schäfer – Managing Director of eta Energieberatung

eta-Experte Herr Schäfer
Correct sizing

“Optimized plant concepts for energy supply are a contribution for ensuring your company’s long-term competitiveness. The associated investments pay for themselves very quickly.”

Andreas Reichel – Head of the Energy Production and Distribution Division


eta expert Mr. Reichel
Efficient energy production

“Wrong decisions during the planning stage have implications over the heating grid’s entire service life of more than 30 years.“

Matthias Schäfer – eta expert for district heating

eta-Experte Herr Schäfer
Optimizing district heating networks

“Prerequisites for a successful funding application are a conclusive description and detailed reasoning of the planned project in the application.”

Stephan Kelbsch – Head of the Funding and Biomass Division

eta expert Mr. Kelbsch
Successful funding

“Various investigations have shown that energy management systems can lead to annual energy cost savings of 3 to 5 %.”

Bernhard Negele – Head of the Energy Management Systems and Energy Efficiency Division

eta expert Mr. Negele
Energy management system