Eirenschmalz Maschinenbaumechanik & Metallbau GmbH

As part of the company's internal sustainability strategy, the company plans to expand its current energy supply with several wood gasification CHP units. This will generate climate-friendly and renewable electricity and heat to supply the company's own production halls.

Key data

Eirenschmalz Maschinenbaumechanik & Metallbau GmbH

Eirenschmalz Maschinenbaumechanik & Metallbau GmbH is a family-run company with production sites in Schwabsoien (company headquarters) and Augsburg. Precision parts and complete assemblies in sheet metal and tube are manufactured at the Schwabsoien site.

Industry sector

Metal production and processing

Project location


Target group

Industrial operations with corresponding electricity and heat demand with high simultaneity


Feasibility study, energy concept, wood gasification CHP units, renewable energies, biomass, CO2 emissions, CO2 neutrality, subsidies

Eirenschmalz Holzvergaser-BHKWs

Customer benefits

The customer received a well-founded decision-making basis for the construction of several modules of wood gasification CHPs


In the feasibility study prepared by the experts of eta Energieberatung GmbH, different energy variants were compared with each other. In addition to the design and dimensioning of the energy generation systems, the use of various subsidies was taken into account. As a result, an ecological and at the same time economically interesting concept could be elaborated and recommended.

The results of the feasibility study served the company as a basis for a positive investment decision for the expansion of the new regenerative energy production.

We are very satisfied with the professional work of eta Energieberatung GmbH. The concept that was developed brings us a big step forward economically and ecologically in our future energy actions. The reliable cooperation with eta Energieberatung GmbH makes a valuable contribution to our sustainability strategy.

Anton Eirenschmalz
Managing Director Eirenschmalz Maschinenbaumechanik & Metallbau GmbH

Holzvergaser BHKW - Eirenschmalz

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