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District heating networks

You are planning a local or district heating network or want to optimize or increase an existing network? If so, you should make use of our experience in the design and planning of heating networks.

District heating networks - eta Energieberatung

Why is the well-founded planning of heating networks so important?

The overall costs of a local or district heating network are dominated by the write-off of the investment costs. Well-founded planning is therefore all the more important to match the planned network precisely to existing and possible future heating needs

​Our services in the field of local and district heating networks:

  • Heating cadaster
  • Feasibility studies
  • Simulation of customer’s cumulative heating load profile
  • Layout and sizing of the network up to execution planning
  • Consultation of pricing (demand charge, working price, sliding price scale, etc.)
  • Consultation on technical connection regulations
  • Customer acquisition for remote heating
  • Heating cost comparison
  • Construction supervision and monitoring during implementation

„Wrong decisions during the planning stage have implications over the heating grid’s entire service life of more than 30 years.“

Matthias Schäfer
​eta expert for district heating

eta expert Mr. Schäfer

Selected projects

In these projects, local and district heating networks were planned and optimized by our experts.

Biomass heating at Lauterbach Castle

District heating networks - Biomass heating Lauterbach

​At Lauterbach Castle, the old oil heating system was replaced by a woodchip heating system. A neighbor house is also supplied with heat. At the end of 2011, Graf von Hundt commissioned eta Energieberatung with the planning of woodchip heating with a connected district heating network.

District heating Schönbrunn

District heating networks Schönbrunn - eta Energieberatung

​The houses in the residential area Schönbrunn were on average 25 years old and were predominantly
heated with oil. Renewal was required for most heaters. The local heating concept was a reliable and environmentally friendly alternative. The main components of the local heating concept are a wood gas combined heat and power plant and a pellet boiler.

District heating Taufkirchen

District heating Taufkirchen (Vils) - eta Energieberatung

In Taufkirchen (Vils) a district heating network with a length of approx. 5,200 m and 41 heat transfer stations was built. The environmentally friendly and CO2-neutral heat is generated by three biogas combined heat and power plants (CHP) at two different locations. In addition, a community-owned conventional peak and reserve system was built.

Expansion of the district heating network Bad Windsheim

District heating Bad Windsheim - eta Energieberatung

​The waste heat of a local foundry was integrated into the existing heating network of Stadtwerke Bad Windsheim. Furthermore the existing district heating network was expanded to connect a school center. Extensive remodeling and expansion measures were also carried out on the existing hydraulic and control technology.