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Optimization of biomass-fired plants

You are operating a biomass-fired plant for energy production, and want to ensure or increase its efficiency?  Our plant optimization scheme covers your entire system, from fuel and technology, to operation and energy usage.

biomass co-generation plant

Why should you optimize your biomass-fired plant?

What was optimal in the past, is not necessarily so today. The economic situation of your biomass-fired plant might have deteriorated, e.g. due to a change in general energy-related conditions. However, our experience enables us to suggest measures that counteract such changes.

You will receive an inter-disciplinary and manufacturer-independent survey of your overall system. Hereby, our experts make an evaluation that is independent of your cost situation, and make a comparison with similar projects. We will also provide an analysis regarding the future viability of your plant.  We will also be happy to provide long-term assistance.

Selected projects

Biomass plants were planned and optimized for these projects:

Biomass CHP in Wunsiedel

Biomass CHP Wunsiedel - Use of Biomass

The biomass ORC cogeneration plant built in Wunsiedel has a maximum combustion heat output of 4.8 MW, while the electrical output of the ORC turbine is approx. 0.8 MW. The low temperature heat generated at the condenser of the ORC system is used in the Chip dryer and for internal building heating.

Biomass cogeneration plant Albstadt

Biomass CHP Albstadt - Energy consulting Albstadt

The core of the pilot project is the drying of the sewage sludge directly on a wastewater treatment plant with low-temperature waste heat from a wood-fired biomass cogeneration plant. The dried sewage sludge can be easily and environmentally friendly transported and is a welcome and CO2-neutral fuel substitute with high calorific value for the recyclers.

Biomass heating at Lauterbach Castle

Biomasse-heating at castle Lauterbach

At Lauterbach Castle, the old oil heating system was replaced by a woodchip heating system. A neighbor house is also supplied with heat. At the end of 2011, Graf von Hundt commissioned eta Energieberatung with the planning of woodchip heating with a connected district heating network.

District heating supply with biomass heating plant Schönbrunn

District heating supply with biomass heating plant Schönbrunn

The houses in the residential area Schönbrunn were on average 25 years old and were predominantly
heated with oil. Renewal was required for most heaters. The local heating concept was a reliable and environmentally friendly alternative. The main components of the local heating concept are a wood gas combined heat and power plant and a pellet boiler.