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If you are planning an energy project, and would like to have a qualified analysis to assess the chances and risks, we can help you with our expertise.

What are the benefits of an expert opinion?

There are quite a few. You obtain legal security and a reliable data base, increase your chances for renegotiations when purchasing plant and equipment, can reveal existing energy and cost saving potentials, and receive practical suggestions for optimization measures.

We offer the following expertise services:

  • Studies and expert reports
  • Feasibility analyses
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Assessment of technical concepts, and evaluation of location
  • Expert opinions for financial institutions within the scope of due diligence
  • Court opinions
  • Expert opinions for remuneration according to the “Combined Heat And Power Act” (CHP Expertise)
  • Certification of CHP plants for approval by the Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA)
  • Certificates of plant conformance with the Biomass Regulation and the Renewable Energy Law (EEG)
  • Expertise on the primary energy factor in accordance with the German District Heating Association AGFW
  • Policy paper, e.g. on the Renewable Energy Law (EEG)

„Our expert opinions help your decision making. They also avoid expensive wrong decisions, and strengthen your negotiating position.“

Florian Ilmberger
former CEO eta Energieberatung

managing director Mr. Florian  Ilmberger

Selected projects

For these companies we have drawn up feasibility studies, reports, expert opinions etc.

Alno Energieberatung Pfullendorf - Energieberatung Industrie

Alno AG

An economic comparison of different heat generation technologies has shown that the conversion to decentralised hot water generation with natural gas low-temperature boilers was more economical than refurbishment or replacement investment in the waste wood heating plant. In addition, a natural gas CHP plant was installed to cover the company’s own electricity requirements.

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Biomasse-Heizkraftwerk Fechenheim - Energieberatung Fechenheim - Biomasseanlagen optimieren

Biomass CHP Fechenheim

Through eta Energieberatung a sustainable concept for a secure procurement of fuel assortments was developed and a regional market overview was created. In addition, a profitability analysis and a sustainability assessment was carried out.

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Biomasse-Heizkraftwerk Nürnberg - Energieberatung Nürnberg

Biomass CHP Nuremberg

Design and integration of a biomass cogeneration plant into an existing power plant site for connection to the existing district heating network to increase the return temperature.

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Biomass-ORC cogeneration plant Dillingen - Energy advice Dillingen

Biomass ORC CHP Dillingen

Erdgas Schwaben supplies the city of Dillingen with environmentally friendly and cost-effective bio-heat from a biomass ORC cogeneration plant. eta Energieberatung develops measures for the technical and operational optimisation of the biomass CHP plant with district heating network in Dillingen.

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