eta-Experte Herr Eicheldinger


Markus  Eicheldinger

eta expert

Markus Eicheldinger

Training/Additional Qualifications

  • M.Sc. Energy and Process Engineering, TU Munich
  • B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, TU Munich

Professional skills

  • Energy concepts
  • Energy management
  • 2D plan drawings and 3D modeling with CAD

Work experience

  • Project engineer at eta Energieberatung

Example projects

  • Creation of a layout plan for a biomass cogeneration plant and 3D modeling of the components
  • Preparation of a plan for the routing of the district heating supply of a residential area
  • Economic efficiency calculations for a CHP plant in combination with compressed air and cooling generation
  • Planning of a comprehensive supply concept for the new construction of a battery plant
  • Establishment of energy management systems according to DIN EN 50001 as well as energy audits according to DIN EN 16247-1
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