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Micro gas turbines

What is a micro gas turbine?

Micro gas turbines are compact gas turbine units. They were specially developed for use in decentralized energy production, with outputs up to 200 kWel. Typical for micro gas turbines is their compact design and high rpm. They can be powered e.g. with natural gas, biogas, and also with liquid fuels.

Would a micro gas turbine be of interest for me?

The use of micro gas turbines for the combined generation of power and heat (CHP) is an option wherever the turbine’s exhaust heat can be utilized directly (e.g. in drying processes or in steam boilers).

A micro gas turbine converts about 30 % of the fuel’s energy into electric power. About 66 % of the fuel’s energy is available as thermal energy in the exhaust gas.

One example of waste heat utilization is combustion air preheating for a steam boiler. Here, the turbine’s exhaust heat is used directly as combustion air for the steam boiler. By means of a special gas turbine afterburner or a converted natural gas burner, the exhaust gas is used as combustion air for the steam boiler. This is possible due to the high amount of excess air. Thanks to the auxiliary firing, the thermal energy generated in a micro gas turbine CHP unit is optimally used.

What can we do for you?

We will be happy to advise you whether the installation of a micro gas turbine to cover your power and heat requirements is economically feasible. In addition, we can support you, from the feasibility study through project planning and approval up to implementation.

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