Municipal enterprise Baiersdorf

In order to further anchor climate protection in the urban area, the municipal utility Baiersdorf (SK-B) commissioned eta Energieberatung to carry out a project study at the end of 2017. For the local secondary school and surrounding buildings (including residential buildings) it had to be shown how a sustainable heat supply can be set up in a heating network.

TE Connectivity AG

Final consumers with high electricity consumption are entitled to an individual grid charge if their electricity consumption reaches a number of hours of use of at least 7,000 h/a per calendar year. For this reason, eta Energieberatung has developed and implemented a concept for load management with two emergency power supply systems.

Adam Opel GmbH

A comparison of the capital, consumption and operating costs for the centralised and decentralised generation variants showed that the centralised variant (partial renewal) has significantly lower annual costs than the decentralised concepts. The cost difference is around €500,000 per year.