References CO2 neutrality

Selected projects

The objective of these projects was to significantly reduce CO2 emissions and to develop concepts for a CO2-neutral production site.

Biomasse-HKW Albstadt - Energieberatung Albstadt

Biomass CHP Albstadt

The core of the pilot project is the drying of sewage sludge directly on a sewage treatment plant using low-temperature waste heat from a wood-fired biomass cogeneration plant. The dried sewage sludge is easy to transport and is a welcome and CO2-neutral fuel substitute with high calorific value for the recyclers.

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Biomasse-Heizwerk auf Schloss Lauterbach - Fördermittelmanagement

Biomass heating plant Lauterbach Castle

In Lauterbach Castle, which has been owned by the von Hundt family since the 15th century, the ageing oil heating system was replaced by a woodchip heating system. A neighbouring residential building is also supplied with heat via this. eta Energieberatung was commissioned to plan the woodchip heating system with a connected local heating network.

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Danone Ochsenfurt - eta Energieberatung

Danone GmbH Ochsenfurt

As part of the company’s own sustainability strategy, Danone GmbH is striving to renew its energy generation at the Ochsenfurt site. The goal is a CO2-neutral energy supply for the plant with hot water, steam and electricity.

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Fernwärmeversorgung Schönbrunn - eta Energieberatung

District heating Schönbrunn

After successful cooperation with the wood pellet plant, the Stadtwerke Wunsiedel also relied on the technical support of eta Energieberatung for this local heating concept with a wood gas cogeneration unit and pellet boilers.

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