Bereichsleiter Stephan Kelbsch

Dipl.-Ing. (FH)

Stephan  Kelbsch

Business Unit Manager Biomass and Subsidies

Stephan Kelbsch

Training/Additional Qualifications

  • Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Wood Technology, FH Rosenheim
  • Wholesale and foreign trade merchant (wood)
  • BAFA-listed energy auditor

Professional skills

  • Subsidy advice biomass/wood industry
  • Expert opinion
  • Industrial drying processes
  • Thermal oil systems
  • Wood industry and market
  • Pelletisation
  • Potential analyses

Work experience

  • Business Unit Manager Biomass and Subsidies at eta Energieberatung
  • Head of subsidies and biomass at eta Energieberatung
  • Project engineer at eta Energieberatung
  • Employee at holz michelsen gmbh as wholesale and export merchant (wood)

Example projects

  • Energetic optimisation of production plants in the wood industry to reduce production costs
  • Market analysis of the development of the wood industry in Germany and Europe
  • Planning of plants for drying sewage sludge
  • Approval procedure for sewage sludge drying for a bioenergy company in the district of Wunsiedel
  • Successful application for an investment grant for process heat generation from biomass
  • Studies on the logistics, preparation and use of wood fuels
  • Planning of plants for the production of wood pellets and briquettes
  • Potential analyses for site developments and due diligence reviews
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