EEG-Umlage - Energiekosten reduzieren

Bayerische Milchindustrie

The Bavarian dairy industry has numerous production sites in Bavaria and is an electricity-intensive company with correspondingly complex circumstances. At some locations, it meets the requirements to be able to agree an individual grid fee with the grid operator. With the support of eta Energieberatung, the ancillary energy costs could be significantly reduced.

Key data on the project

Bayerische Milchindustrie (BMI)

BMI is organised as a cooperative and is one of the very large milk processing companies in Germany. Some locations have qualified for various savings options on the electricity side, e.g. intensive grid use.

Industry sector

Food industry

Project locations

Sitz in Landshut, various production sites

Target group

Food manufacturing company


Electricity consumption, grid usage, individual grid charges vs. general grid charges

Customer benefits

Reduction of grid fees by concluding an agreement with the grid operator on individual grid fees at selected locations

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