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For many years, the specialists at eta Energieberatung GmbH have been advising industrial companies, hospitals, public institutions, local authorities, energy suppliers, financial service providers and many other companies on a wide range of energy technology and energy management issues. The aim is to sustainably reduce energy consumption and energy costs.

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  • Intelligent energy concepts

For over 27 years, eta Energieberatung has been helping large companies to reduce their energy consumption and energy costs with its concepts. We achieve this through efficient energy use, intelligent concepts for energy generation and distribution (including innovative technologies and renewable energies), optimised energy purchasing and the reduction of energy taxes.

  • our code of conduct

Compliance with legal regulations and internal company rules is of great importance to our company. The eta Code of Conduct contains binding regulations and principles for legally correct, honest and responsible behaviour by the management and employees of our company.

  • Qualified team of experts

Our team of experts examines the cost drivers in the energy supply, optimises structures and advises on energy procurement. We offer integrative strategies that take internal and external framework conditions into account. Manufacturer-neutral and independent of energy suppliers, we develop the most cost-effective long-term solution for your individual energy problem.

  • Metrological equipment

eta Energieberatung has extensive measurement equipment as well as the necessary tools, such as simulation programmes and climate data, which are required to analyse and interpret the information obtained. This means that weak points, incorrect settings, unfavourable operating modes, incorrect user behaviour, etc. can be identified and, if necessary, rectified immediately.

  • Internal quality management

Our internal quality management system ensures that your projects are handled efficiently. This saves you time and money and maximises your benefits.

  • interesting technical articles

Our projects are regularly reported on in trade journals and the local press. We have compiled a few of these eta publications for you here. If you have similar questions, our solutions are sure to provide you with interesting suggestions.

  • our memberships

eta Energieberatung is a member of numerous associations and organisations. Thanks to these memberships, we are always informed about the latest developments and can use them to solve your problems.

We guarantee you all this. Get in touch with us.

28 Years of Competence
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