About us

For many years we have been counselling industrial enterprises, hospitals, public institutions, municipalities, energy providers, financial service providers and many other companies about diverse power-related, and economic questions. The aim is always a sustainable reduction of power consumption and energy costs.

What do we offer our clients?

  • For more than 25 yearseta Energieberatung has been helping large enterprises in reducing power consumption and energy costs. We achieve this through efficient energy use, intelligent power generation and distribution concepts (by incorporating innovative technologies and renewable energies), optimized power purchase and reduced energy transfers.
  • Qur team of experts examines the cost drivers within the energy supply, optimizes structures and advises the power provisioning process. We offer integrative strategies in due consideration of internal and external framework conditions. With our multivendor, supplier-neutral policy, we develop the most cost-efficient long-term solution for your individual power problem.
  • Your projects are being processed efficiently through our internal quality management. This saves time and money while providing the best possible benefit.
  • eta Energieberatung has its own extensive metrological equipment, plus all necessary resources such as simulation programs and climatic data, to analyse and interpret the acquired information. This enables an immediate detection and removal of weak points, defective settings, inappropriate operation modes, user malpractice and so forth.
  • We are pleased about the positive feedback we receive. Apart from many letters of recommendation, clients often send us “Thank you!“ notes. That makes it easier for you to get an idea of our company.
  • eta Energieberatung is a member of various unions and syndicates. Through these memberships we always stay up to date about the latest developments and are able to use this expertise to solve your problems.
  • This is all part of our eta warranties.
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