Energy saving with energy efficiency

You are responsible for the energy supplies in a large company, and your energy costs are far too high? If so, we are your energy efficiency partners. You can benefit from the experience of our 20 energy experts to help you save energy.

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Is an energy consultancy worthwhile?

Definitely yes. Due to our long-standing advisers’ history we can guarantee that we will detect energy saving potentials in your company, too. We have advised more than 1,000 clients, who were able to achieve average savings of 5 % to 6 %. Individual measures even reached savings of over 50 %.

Increasing energy efficiency – this is how we proceed:


  • Current state analysis

The first step of your project involves a detailed walkabout through your premises by our specialists.  Hereby, the main energy consumers are investigated, and information is collected for in-depth processing of the task.

  • Development of measures

Based on the current state analysis, measures are defined for a more efficient use of energy. Apart from a detailed description of the measures, the necessary steps for their implementation are specified.

  • Efficiency analyses

Possible savings are quantified, and the expected costs for their realization are determined. The resulting measures are summarized in a catalogue of measures and listed according to priority.

  • Overall concept

Based on the individual measures, an intelligent overall concept is developed, which covers energy production and usage across all areas and types of energy, taking into account possible synergies and/or retroactive effects.

“We found energy saving potentials in every company we investigated. Practically every time, they are located in the energy infrastructure and in energy usage.”

Ernst Hellriegel – Head of Marketing, Strategy and Quality Management

eta expert Mr. Hellriegel
Energy saving potentials