Saving Energy Costs

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You are responsible for the energy supplies in a large company, and your energy costs are far too high? If so, we are your energy efficiency partners. You can benefit from the experience of our 20 energy experts to help you save energy.

Saving energy costs with the eta concept

Energy procurement

We can show you cost reduction possibilities. With a bundle of specific measures, our specialists frequently achieve significant savings in energy procurement.

Energy usage

Open up your energy-saving potentials, and cut your energy consumption permanently. Our energy efficiency experts can help you to develop an energy management system.

Energy supply

Is your energy supply system showing signs of age or are you considering an extension?  We can help you optimize your existing plant or prepare a new energy production concept.


Is an energy consultancy worthwhile?

Definitely yes. For the more than 1000 customers advised by us, the average savings achieved were 5 to 6 %. In some individual cases, savings of more than 50 % were possible.

What does energy consultation cost?

There is no general answer to that. It depends on company size and the specific task to be solved. However, we will be happy to make you a non-binding offer at no charge. Before making an offer, we usually arrange a free visit to your site.  That enables our experts to obtain a precise impression of your facilities, and answer your specific questions in detail. You will then receive an offer that is precisely tailored to your needs and requests – and you have got to know us personally.

Where can I save energy in my company?

Weak points are often found in the energy infrastructure (generation and distribution) and in energy usage. Often, installations such as e.g. the compressed air supply have grown continuously, whereby their capacity is no longer matched to present requirements. Optimization potentials are also found in ventilation systems, lighting, cooling and heating (and their distribution), plus many other areas.

Our energy consulting services range from the preparation of feasibility studies, through assessment of individual measures, and up to the preparation of energy supply concepts or the implementation of energy management systems.

How can I get an impression of your services?

Under the menu item References on our home page, we have listed several examples of companies for which we have prepared energy concepts and/or analysed the measures taken to cut energy costs. We will be happy to put you in contact with the respective partners.

Do you also implement the suggested measures?

The suggested measures range from organizational improvements up to concept for energy generation. Particularly with the energy concepts, we accompany our customers through the next steps (design, detailed planning and approval, calls for tenders, etc.).


May I contact your reference customers?

We live on recommendations by satisfied customers. Take a look at our references and ask us. We will gladly put you in touch with our liaison.


What distinguishes eta from low-cost companies?

Contrary to the methods used by some of our competitors, we do not use standard spreadsheets. We provide you with a high-quality individual concept for reducing your energy costs.

What qualifications do your employees have?

Our team consists mainly of experienced engineers (machine construction, electrical, and structural engineering, etc.), a legal expert, a technician, and the team assistants. All our experts have an excellent training, and receive further instruction continuously. Therefore, we can guarantee precise and qualified project handling in accordance with the state of the art and all applicable standards and regulations. For our solutions, we observe and follow holistic and sustainable approaches.

What guarantees can you give?

Thanks to many years of consulting experience, we can guarantee that we will find saving potentials also in your company.

Saving Energy Costs – Our Competence!

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Within the last two years, re-sult AG has jointly and successfully implemented various projects with eta Energieberatung GmbH for clients in industry, trade and the energy business. During this time, eta Energieberatung GmbH showed great strengths in high levels of competence as well as implementational prowess …   read more

We can give you a guarantee on that!

  • Many years of experience:   Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to rely on proven solutions.
  • Team of experts:   Our team has a broad range of specialist know-how.  Therefore, we have a competent partner for each of your questions.
  • Individuality:   We answer each of your questions in detail, and prepare and individual overall concept.
  • Flexibility:  Thanks to our outstanding flexibility, you benefit from a fast and competent response to changed framework conditions.

  • Neutrality:   Our neutrality ensures an objective consultation. For you, this means technically neutral and manufacturer-independent solutions.
  • Ideal location:   Our convenient location enables us to reach our customers quickly and efficiently – Europe-wide.

We back all of this with our eta warranties.

23 Years Competence in Energy Consulting - eta Energieberatung