Optimizing energy procurement

Has energy meanwhile become a notable cost factor for you? If so, we can present possibilities for cost reduction. With a bundle of specific measures, we frequently achieve significant savings in energy procurement.

Energiebeschaffung optimieren - Energieeinkauf - Energie günstig einkaufen

How does one purchase energy for a low price?

There is no universal purchasing strategy. Energy prices are influenced by numerous factors. Every day, our experts filter the essential market data, from which they develop an individual strategy that is precisely matched to your needs.

We can assist you as follows

There are many options for purchasing energy – we prepare an individual purchasing concept for you.

  •     Risk and portfolio management

We also support you when preparing and implementing a risk and portfolio management system.

  • Calling for tenders and contracting procedures

If you are a public purchaser, and must handle your energy procurement by calling for tenders, we can manage the contracting procedures in accordance with VergRModVo or VOL/A

  • Energy marketing

The Renewable Energy Law (EEG) makes it possible. Direct marketing of electrical energy produced from renewable sources opens up possibilities for generating more revenue than the fixed EEG remuneration.

“Safeguard yourself when purchasing energy. Apart from an audit-proof and legally correct call for tenders, we can achieve rock-bottom energy prices for you. That goes easy on your budget and provides planning safety.”

Andreas Schmid – Head of the Energy Procurement Division

eta expert Mr. Schmid
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