Compliance and Quality

Responsible behaviour with integrity is an essential prerequisite for our corporate success and is perceived positively by our business partners and customers. By aligning our actions with high ethical and legal standards, we create trust and prevent conflict situations. We want to become better and better! That is why we have introduced an internal quality management system to drive our optimisation process.


Our corporate culture is based on mutual respect and fairness in dealing with each other and with our business partners. The management considers the issue of compliance to be of utmost importance and expects all employees and business partners to seriously observe and implement it. We have a zero tolerance policy towards any unlawful acts and breaches of our compliance system, in particular fraud, corruption, improper collusion, coercion or obstruction of investigation. We are convinced that compliant behaviour is an important cornerstone for securing our business model in the long term.

eta Code of Conduct

The eta Code of Conduct contains binding regulations and principles for legally correct, integrity and responsible behaviour by the management and employees of our company. Openness and clarity in dealing with each other are guiding principles of eta Energieberatung GmbH.

Of course, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have in person.


eta Energieberatung GmbH attaches great importance to the high quality standard of its engineering and consulting services. Therefore, careful selection of personnel as well as quality monitoring are priorities for them to ensure successful projects and customer satisfaction.

eta Energieberatung GmbH has internally implemented essential requirements of the international standard DIN EN ISO 9001 quality management systems. This concerns in particular the definition of process flows, the definition of rules for internal and external communication as well as the implementation of an improvement process.

Quality energy consulting


Our team of specialists has been working on energy projects for over 27 years. The accumulated know-how is available to you for the solution of your questions. An individual project team with the required qualifications and experience is put together for the competent and efficient handling of the respective task.

  • eta Energieberatung GmbH employs staff from different, primarily engineering disciplines in order to practise interdisciplinary thinking.
  • The areas of responsibility are clearly regulated via functional descriptions.
  • The employees have many years of project experience in planning and implementing projects.
  • Some of the staff members have several trainings and additional qualifications.
  • The further training of the employees takes place through internal and external training courses as well as courses of instruction.


eta Energieberatung GmbH has clear processes and checklists for internal project management as well as a project manual for planning projects with multiple participants. Regular project meetings are held so that the client is always informed about the current project status.

  • The crucial processes, especially the process of project execution, are clearly defined in a process schema and are supported step by step by a project database.
  • Internal project management is supported by checklists that facilitate the handling of regular and recurring processes.
  • For planning projects with several participants, a project manual is created in addition to the company QM manual, which is used to uniformly define project handling (e.g. uniform filing structure, plan structure, plan directory, correspondence). The project manual also specifies the client's wishes and requirements.
  • During the project work, regular project meetings take place within the team and project meetings with the client in person, by telephone or by video conference.
  • Short-term project discussions and coordination with the client can be realised via telephone conference / video conference.
  • The client and the project management are always informed by the project management about the content of all project meetings by minutes. The minutes shall be distributed within one week by the meeting organiser. The minutes of the construction meetings are to be sent and distributed by the meeting organiser on the following day at the latest.
  • The change management of eta Energieberatung GmbH is geared to the needs of the client.
  • The core positions in the project, such as project manager, are filled with deputies.


The basis for our work is data on energy consumption. Our customers usually have the load profiles of their energy consumption. From this, we can usually derive initial indications and starting points for more efficient energy use. However, further measured values are advantageous for the subsequent detailed analysis.

If the data is not sufficient to answer our questions, we are able to collect the necessary data ourselves.

eta Energieberatung GmbH has extensive measurement equipment as well as the necessary tools, such as simulation programmes and climate data, which are required to analyse and interpret the information obtained.


Through our membership in numerous associations, we are informed about the latest developments and can use them beneficially for you. eta Energieberatung GmbH is a member of or involved in the networks, associations and federations listed in the link.

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