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eta Energieberatung has its own extensive measuring equipment, plus all necessary resources such as simulation programs and climatic data, to analyze and interpret the acquired information.

Our work is based on energy consumption data

Usually, our clients have the load profiles of the energy supply at hand. From this, we can typically deduct initial clues and approaches for a more efficient energy usage. The following detail analysis benefits from the provision of additional measuring data. This usually applies for clients with an existing energy management system.

If the data does not suffice for answering our questions, we are capable of collecting the required data ourselves.

Reading of all relevant quantities:

  • Electric (work, performance, etc.)
  • Temperatures
  • Heat quantities
  • Mass- and volume flow
  • Operating and power-on times
  • Climatic data (humidity, irradiation, etc.)
  • Flue gas parameters (CO2, CO, NOx, etc.)
  • Additional quantities (pressure, illumination etc.)

What are your benefits?

With readings and the respective analysis, weak points, defective settings, inappropriate operation modes, user malpractice and so forth can be identified and quickly eliminated. During a reading, all consumption data are collected and saved automatically, e.g. as a 15-minute-average, over the course of several weeks, followed by a readout and analysis. We will then discuss the reading results, and particularly any striking consumption anomalies, with the responsible parties.

Exemplary reading benefits:

  • Detection of main loads
  • Identification of deficits and weak points
  • Allocation of overall loads to individual edifices and building parts
  • Readings as data for contract negotiations
  • Basis for decisions about the proper system
  • Plausibility control of calculations
  • Measuring data as planning and dimensioning guidelines

This way, we can provide a well-grounded solution, which is tailor-made to your actual consumption and your individual load characteristics.

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