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​Team of Experts

​Experience and expertise

​Our experienced team of specialists from the fields of energy technology, electrotechnology, physics, supply, legislation, etc. work out inter-disciplinary solutions for your problems, thereby ensuring the maximum benefits for you.

​Organizational structure

​The division heads report directly to company management. Every head of a division is responsible for a specific range of services. Project engineers are assigned to the respective divisions, and are supported in their activities by team assistants.

​Company management

eta-Geschäftsführer Herr Ilmberger

Florian Ilmberger

​executive director

eta-Experte Herr Schäfer

Volkmar Schäfer

​​executive director

Christoph Terlinde

​​executive director

​​​​​Division heads

eta-Experte Herr Barck

Olaf Barck

eta-Experte Ernst Hellriegel - Strategie und Marketing

Ernst Hellriegel

eta-Experte Herr Kelbsch

Stephan Kelbsch

eta-Experte Herr Negele - Energieeffizienz und Energiemanangement

Bernhard Negele

eta-Experte Herr Reichel

Andreas Reichel

eta-Experte Herr Schmid

Andreas Schmid

Project engineers

eta-Experte Dr. Martin Deckner

Martin Deckner

eta-Experte Herr Markus Eicheldinger

Markus Eicheldinger

eta-Experte Herr Färber

Felix Färber

Susanne Kaschubek

eta-Experte Herr Sebastian Kleins

Sebastian Kleins

eta-Expertin Frau Saskia Kothe

Saskia Kothe

eta-Experte Herr Mahl

Johannes Mahl

eta-Experte Jonas Mauritz

Jonas Mauritz

eta-Expertin Frau Kathrin Merkert

Kathrin Merkert

Nowak Ausschnitt - eta Energieberatung

Wolfgang Nowak

eta-Experte Herr Rataj

Klaus Rataj

eta-Experte Herr Schäfer Matthias

Matthias Schäfer

eta-expertin Melinda Koppold

Melinda Koppold