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FAQs energy consulting

Frequently asked questions about our consultancy services

Please find below a collection of our clients‘ frequently asked questions. We hope to be able to provide you with the answers to your most important questions in this FAQ. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a face-to-face consultancy. Just give us a call!

Is an energy consultancy worthwhile?

What guarantees can you give?

We are a DIN EN 50001 cetrified company. Does an additional energy consultancy make sense?

How is the energy consultancy process?

What distinguishes eta from low-cost companies?

When can we expect the results?

Why do you only offer energy consultancy for larger companies?

May I contact your reference customers?

Are my date and information securely stored at your company?

Do you also sell energy technology?

Do you also implement the suggested measures?

Which fields do your consultancies cover?

Which qualifications do your employees have?

How can I get an impression of your services?

Where can I save energy in my company?

What does an energy consultation cost?

What are the benefits of an energy consultancy?

How long does an energy consultancy take?

Why energy consultancy?

Will you be working on-site in our company?