Frequently asked questions about our consultancy services

Please find below a collection of our clients‘ frequently asked questions. We hope to be able to provide you with the answers to your most important questions in this FAQ. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a face-to-face consultancy. Just give us a call!

Is an energy consultation worthwhile?

Yes! On average, the achievable savings for the more than 1,000 clients we advised were between 5 and 6 %. In the case of individual measures, savings of over 50 % were even possible.

What guarantees do you give?

Due to our many years of consulting experience, we can guarantee that we will also find economic savings measures in your company.

We are certified according to DIN EN 50001. Does energy consulting still make sense?

Yes, there are many reasons for that. Simply because of the constantly changing energy industry and energy policy framework conditions, measures that previously had too long an amortisation period suddenly become economically interesting. In addition, the energy demand of a company often changes (production expansion/reduction, changed product range, merging of locations, etc.). In addition, every energy consultant has a different point of view: we represent the holistic approach here in order to recognise interactions and use synergies.

How does an energy consultation work?

Our experts will analyse your entire energy supply and consumption. The energy status quo is determined and, based on this, measures for improving efficiency are developed. These approaches are described and tested with regard to their technical feasibility. The economic efficiency of these measures is analysed and the payback period is estimated. The individual measures are compiled in a priority list with details of investments and savings.

When will we get the results?

We attach great importance to an ongoing exchange with your employees and therefore maintain a continuous dialogue. In this way, you are always informed about our approaches and receive interim results promptly. Even if you as a supervisor are not involved in the continuous optimisation process, you will be informed monthly about the project status. We will present the final result to you personally at the agreed time.

Why do you only offer energy consulting for larger companies?

Robust advice from qualified experts has its price and must be in reasonable relation to the achievable savings. The energy costs of a small business are usually too low to justify a comprehensive energy analysis. Nevertheless, we also support small businesses in energy purchasing and in the analysis of selected individual measures, such as the renewal of the cooling supply or the planning of a CHP unit.

Can I contact your reference customers?

We thrive on satisfied customers and referrals. Take a look at our reference examples and ask us. We will put you in touch with our contact person.

Is my data and information safe with you?

Confidential treatment of all data and information belonging to the project is a matter of course for us and will be gladly assured to you within the framework of a written confidentiality agreement. In addition, we have created all the technical prerequisites for secure data exchange.

Do you also sell energy technology systems?

No. We have deliberately limited ourselves to consulting and planning in order to guarantee you neutral, manufacturer-independent advice. In this way, we achieve solutions that are optimised for you in terms of overall economy.

Do you also implement the proposed measures?

The proposed measures range from organisational improvements to concepts for energy generation. Especially in the case of energy concepts, we accompany our client through the next steps (design, detailed, approval planning, tendering, etc.).

In which areas do you advise your clients?

Our consulting services covers all areas of energy supply and use, from energy purchasing to energy production and use to the procurement of subsidies. Our experts accompany you from the project idea to its realisation and are also there for you afterwards.

What qualifications do your employees have?

Our team consists mainly of experienced engineers (mechanical, electrical, civil, etc.), two lawyers and a technician as well as the team assistants. Our experts have excellent professional training and receive continuous further training. We can therefore guarantee you conscientious and qualified project processing in accordance with the state of the art and the applicable regulations and guidelines. With our solutions, we pursue holistic and sustainable approaches.

How can I get an idea of your performance?

Under the menu item References on our homepage, we have compiled a selection of companies for which we have created energy concepts or analysed measures to save energy costs. We will be happy to put you in touch with the respective contact persons.

Where can I save energy in my business?

Energy weaknesses are usually found in the energy infrastructure (generation and distribution) and energy use. Often such systems, such as compressed air generation, have grown steadily and do not meet current requirements in terms of dimensioning. Optimisation potential can also be found in ventilation systems, lighting, cooling generation and distribution, heat generation and distribution and many other areas.

Our services in the field of energy consulting range from the preparation of feasibility analyses and the evaluation of individual measures to the preparation of supply concepts or the establishment of energy management systems.

What does an energy consultation cost?

This cannot be answered in a general way and depends on the size of the company and the exact task. We would be happy to provide you with a free, non-binding offer. As a rule, we arrange a free on-site appointment with you before preparing the offer. This enables our experts to get an exact picture of your company and to concretise or supplement your individual questions. In this way, you receive an offer that is precisely tailored to your wishes and needs, and you get to know us personally.

What are the benefits of energy advice?

The aim of the consultation is an analysis of possible starting points for reducing energy costs. The individual measures are compiled in a priority list with details of investments and savings, so that you have a well-founded basis for making decisions on the implementation of efficiency measures.

How long does an energy consultation take?

After placing the order, we immediately start your project with a detailed inspection of your facility by our experienced experts. The main energy consumers are inspected and information is collected for the well-founded processing of the task. Based on the analysis of the current status, measures for more efficient energy utilisation are developed. In addition to a description of the measures, the necessary steps for realisation are outlined. The savings associated with the individual measures are quantified and the costs expected for implementation are estimated. The measures developed are summarised in the form of a catalogue of measures and prioritised.

Why energy consulting?

As an innovative engineering office, our experts have set themselves the goal of reducing the energy costs of large companies to a minimum. Based on our many years of experience, we guarantee the creation of a concept for tapping your savings potential. We do the work for you and you can continue to concentrate on your day-to-day business.The aim of our work is to reduce your operating costs through efficient energy use and intelligent concepts for energy generation, optimised energy purchasing and the reduction of energy levies.

Will you also come to our company?

Yes, it depends on the task. In contrast to the work of some of our competitors, we do not provide you with standard elaborations. From us you get a high-quality, individual concept for reducing your energy costs. This can only be created if we take a close look at your energy conditions on site.

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