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Municipality of Gräfelfing - Funding advice

The municipality of Gräfelfing is aiming for a 100 % renewable energy supply with net zero CO2 emissions by 2035. Heat network systems 4.0 is the name of the BAFA federal subsidy for efficient heat networks. It comprises a total of four modules. For the municipality of Gräfelfing, eta Energieberatung has applied for Module I to promote feasibility studies. In the feasibility study, an innovative heat network system with heat storage in a former gravel pit is investigated.

Key data on the project

Municipality Gräfelfing

The municipality of Gräfelfing, with a population of about 14,000, is the northernmost municipality of the Würm valley in the district of Munich.

Industrial sector

Communities and municipalities

Project location

Gräfelfing near Munich

Target group

Heat network operator


Heat network systems 4.0, efficient heat network systems, funding, funding management, feasibility study, heat storage systems

Customer benefits

Financial support for project planning through public sector funding.


On behalf of the municipality of Gräfelfing, funding was to be applied for in the BAFA program "Bundesförderung für effiziente Wärmenetze (Wärmenetzsysteme 4.0)", funding module I "Feasibility study".

Within the scope of the requested feasibility study, it was to be investigated whether the use of renewable energy sources and the realization of a seasonal heat storage in a former gravel pit complement each other and how a heat network would have to be dimensioned or which expansion stages would be necessary for this.

Scope of services

The client was accompanied through the entire process of applying for funding, right up to the tendering and awarding of the feasibility study "Heat Networks 4.0".

  1. 1
    Preparation of the grant application
  2. 2
    Submission of the grant application
  3. 3
    Clarification of tender situation
  4. 4
    Preparation of the award
  5. 5
    Mitwirkung bei der Vergabe


To apply for funding for a feasibility study (funding module I) for a model project on heating network systems 4.0, a corresponding online application form is provided on the website of the funding office. In addition to the fully completed online application, the submission (upload) of the following attachments is required.

Appendix I:

Short description of the project (project outline), which provides information about which questions will be investigated within the framework of the feasibility study and in which time frame the investigation will be carried out and completed. the scope is max. 10 DIN A4 pages with treatment of the following topics:

  • Location/Site
  • Innovations
  • Climate compatibility of the energy sources used
  • Minimum size and variants
  • Temperature level
  • Heat accumulator
  • Sector coupling and electricity market efficiency
  • Other additional requirements
  • Legal approvability
  • Timing

The brief description is one of the most powerful project management tools, as it provides structure and clarity very early in the project. It serves as the basis of the dialog between all parties involved to ensure that all parties have the same understanding of the project content. In particular, it allows the funding agency to get an initial, detailed picture.

Appendix II:

List of references of the providers (can also be submitted after notification of funding)

Appendix III:

The financing plan on an expenditure basis consists of a breakdown of anticipated expenditures related to the purpose of the grant and an overview of the intended financing of these expenditures.

This project could be a milestone in inter-municipal cooperation to achieve climate goals.

Dr. Lydia Brooks

Municipality Gräfelfing, Head of Environment, Waste and Energy

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