eta wood calculator

This wood calculator enables the conversion of different energy wood types and the determination of their indicative prices.

eta wood calculator


Wood is a natural product. This raw material is characterized by variations in the properties. The values determined are non-binding reference values. The calculated prices (only for the German market) are, within certain limits, quantity-dependent average prices. They may vary by up to ± 30 %, depending on the region, supply and demand in the timber market, as well as the efficiency of the fuel logistics. A very small quantity input may result in additional inaccuracies. We are at your service for specific, customized price quotes.

The provided information on this website has been diligently researched and is intended for information only. It can never replace individual counseling. Please contact our experts for and extensive consultancy.

Please note: No claims may be made from recommendations or counsels provided here. For legal reasons, eta Energieberatung does not accept liability for the completeness, actuality and accuracy of the contents at any given time.

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