Optimization of biomass-fired plants

You are operating a biomass-fired plant for energy production, and want to ensure or increase its efficiency?  Our plant optimization scheme covers your entire system, from fuel and technology, to operation and energy usage.

Why should you optimize your biomass-fired plant?

What was optimal in the past, is not necessarily so today. The economic situation of your biomass-fired plant might have deteriorated, e.g. due to a change in general energy-related conditions. However, our experience enables us to suggest measures that counteract such changes.

You will receive an inter-disciplinary and manufacturer-independent survey of your overall system. Hereby, our experts make an evaluation that is independent of your cost situation, and make a comparison with similar projects. We will also provide an analysis regarding the future viability of your plant.  We will also be happy to provide long-term assistance.

How do we proceed when we optimise your biomass plants?

  • Potential analysis

In the search for optimisation and savings potential, we examine your fuel and operating costs, we look for avoidable energy losses and test the technology for its future viability adapted to your current and future goals.

  • Benchmark

We analyse and compare your biomass plant with comparable projects (benchmark). In doing so, we check and calculate supplementary or alternative technologies for power generation.

  • Fuel procurement concepts

Based on market studies on fuel availability and potentials (source/sink analyses), we develop individually tailored fuel procurement concepts for a permanent reduction of procurement costs.

  • Development of an independent controlling system

We support you in setting up an independent controlling system. In this way, you always have your costs and possible deviations in view. Or you can outsource your controlling to us!

It is not the technical feasibility of biomass cogeneration plants, but the correct dimensioning and provision of the appropriate fuel assortments that are the decisive key factors for economic success.

Andreas Reichel
Head of Industrial Energy Solutions

eta-Experte Herr Reichel

Selected projects

This are selected references of the sector biomass-fired plants where we planned and optimized biomass-fired plants.

Alno Energieberatung Pfullendorf - Energieberatung Industrie

Alno AG

An economic comparison of different heat generation technologies has shown that the conversion to decentralised hot water generation with natural gas low-temperature boilers was more economical than refurbishment or replacement investment in the waste wood heating plant. In addition, a natural gas CHP plant was installed to cover the company’s own electricity requirements.

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Biomassekessel EEG 2021

Approval procedure sewage sludge drying

The basic concept, which will be implemented by the client with renowned companies from the biomass, CHP and drying technology sectors, includes heat generation from wood pellets and forest chips as well as low-temperature sewage sludge drying.

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Biomasse-HKW Albstadt - Energieberatung Albstadt

Biomass CHP Albstadt

The core of the pilot project is the drying of sewage sludge directly on a sewage treatment plant using low-temperature waste heat from a wood-fired biomass cogeneration plant. The dried sewage sludge is easy to transport and is a welcome and CO2-neutral fuel substitute with high calorific value for the recyclers.

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Biomasse-Heizkraftwerk Fechenheim - Energieberatung Fechenheim - Biomasseanlagen optimieren

Biomass CHP Fechenheim

Through eta Energieberatung a sustainable concept for a secure procurement of fuel assortments was developed and a regional market overview was created. In addition, a profitability analysis and a sustainability assessment was carried out.

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Biomasse-HKW Löbau - Energieberatung Oranienbaum Heidegrund Löbau

Biomass CHP Löbau

The conception, planning, project management and control of the 3 ORC combined heat and power plants in Heidegrund, Oranienbaum and Löbau, with pelleting including machining, was carried out by eta Energieberatung in Pfaffenhofen.

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