eta Expertin Anja Lehr

Dipl.-WIng. (FH)

Anja  Lehr

eta expert

Anja Lehr

Training/Additional Qualifications

  • Diploma Industrial Engineer (FH), specialising in biotechnology and environmental management (FH Munich)

Professional skills

  • Municipal energy and district concepts
  • Heat networks for local and district heat distribution
  • Project management renewable energies
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis

Work experience

  • Project engineer at the eta Energieberatung
  • Installation planning and design of photovoltaic systems, Abakus Solar AG
  • Project engineer, Bertrandt AG, Munich

Example projects

  • Development of new display and operating concepts in the automotive industry
  • Feasibility study for a heating plant with heating network, including economic feasibility in the municipal sector
  • Heat concept and determination of the heat production costs for the supply of an agricultural enterprise
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