Netzgebühren reduzieren- Energieberatung Industrie

BAUMEX Holzverbundstoff GmbH

BAUMEX/Silvadec has set up a new production site in Schierling, so the first step in the electricity purchasing project was to prepare a precise demand forecast, taking into account successive production start-ups. The electricity product was tailored to the customer's needs and the demand was then covered on the market in a cost-optimised manner.

Key data on the project

BAUMEX Holzverbundstoff GmbH - Silvadec

BAUMEX/Silvadec is the European market leader in the production of wood composites (wood and high-density polyethylene).

Industry sector

Wood-based materials industry

Project location

Schierling (Lower Bavaria)

Target group

Industrial enterprises


Energy purchasing, electricity purchasing, optimised energy procurement, tranche model, structured procurement, energy purchase conditions, marginal prices, market prices, market analysis

Customer benefits

Reduce energy costs by reducing demand and negotiating marginal prices and optimal conditions.


BAUMEX/Silvadec is Europe's leading manufacturer of wood-plastic decking and wall elements. The electricity demand of the production is an essential business management factor, so that the purchase of electricity was handed over to eta Energieberatung.

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