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Energy production concept

Has your energy production increased continuously and is showing its age?  We can help you optimize your existing plant or prepare a new energy production concept.

Energy production concept - Energy consulting industry

How can one ensure long-term and efficient energy production?

Contrary to short and medium-term measures aimed at reducing energy consumption and costs, it is mainly the long-term energy production targets that are decisive for a company’s competiveness.


Our projects are always a gain for our customers. Some of our projects have even been distinguished. Frequently, we are pioneers with our concepts for new and innovative energy production options.

We can assist you as follows:

There are many different methods and combined technologies for generating electric power, heating, and cooling. Once made, decisions will influence the general conditions of your energy production facilities and thereby your energy costs for a long time. We provide help when making this complex decision.

  • Energy supply concepts (new facilities, and optimizing existing plants)

Within the scope of energy supply concepts, various options for energy production and distribution are compared. Hereby, remuneration according to the Combined Heat And Power Act (KWKG) and the Renewable Energy Law (EEG) play an important role. Similarly, the operation of existing plants can be optimized, e.g. by introducing heat storage systems or supplying other customers via remote heating or steam networks.

  • Efficiency comparison

Our experts can help you when selecting the most appropriate technology and the optimum plant size. By means of a cost comparison, we determine your generating costs.  Hereby, detailed efficiency calculations are carried out, as well as the preparation of complete business plans.

  • Project accompaniment in all phases

We accompany your project from the permit, through the calls for tenders, project assignment and construction, and right up to commissioning and normal operation.

„Optimized plant concepts for energy supply are a contribution for ensuring your company’s long-term competitiveness. The associated investments pay for themselves very quickly.“

​Andreas Reichel
Head of the Energy Production and Distribution Division

eta expert Mr. Reichel

Selected projects

We have created energy concepts for these companies and thus achieved significant savings of energy.

Interquell GmbH

Energy production concept - Interquell - eta Energieberatung

The realization of innovative steam generation with combined heat and power production consisting of a conventional steam boiler with micro gas turbine and GTA burner (gas turbine exhaust gas burner), renewal of the steam distribution with clean steam generators and a new ventilation system for the supply of high-hygiene areas were able to reduce the ​CO2 emissions by almost 20 %.

​Hospital Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Energy production concept - Hospital Garmisch Partenkirchen - eta Energieberatung

​Various energy saving options have been studied in detail. The cost-effectiveness of an existing CHP was also analyzed under the changed conditions (new legal requirements). In addition, a call for tenders for electricity and natural gas including contract documentation was carried out.

​MAN Truck & Bus Germany and Austria​

Energy production concept - MAN Nutzfahrzeuge - Energieberatung München Nürnberg Plauen Salzgitter Wien Steyr

​The project identified opportunities for saving energy amounting to 13.5 million euros per year. These range from pure organizational measures to larger investment measures such as the realization of a natural gas CHP.

Stahlgruber GmbH - Sulzbach-Rosenberg

Energy production concept - CHP - Stahlgruber

A concept has been developed that provides a reduction in the heat input through the roof windows, improvements to the air curtains and a higher cooling capacity. The heat supply is most economically by a central generation with combined heat and power. The additional costs paid off against the separate supply in 4.3 years.