Biomass heating plant in energy container

Biomass heating plant in energy container - Neuses

The goal of the project was a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and energy consumption. This was achieved by the conversion of the heat supply to a central biomass local heat supply (landscape conservation material as fuel) in combination with further, low-investment measures. All existing fuel oil boilers were replaced and a heat network was established between the buildings belonging to the district farm.

Key data

Landratsamt Forchheim 

Landratsamt Forchheim - Office Ebermannstadt

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Public sector

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Local heating network, heating plant, biomass, consulting on subsidies, feasibility study, wood chip boiler

Customer benefits

With the help of subsidies, the plant was brought up to the latest state of the art. This means that several properties can continue to be supplied with heat efficiently and in an environmentally friendly manner on the basis of regenerative energies.

Biomass heating plant in energy container

Terms of reference

The heat supply of the building yard Neuses took place so far by decentralized oil boilers. The aim of the district administration office in Forchheim was to reduce the consumption of heating energy and above all to provide environmentally friendly heating. As far as possible, subsidies should also be included in the financing of this project.

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