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City of Bogen - Electricity purchase

Because of the many options, purchasing energy seems confusing to many who are not involved in it on a daily basis. How much energy really costs does not depend on the choice of supplier. Rather, the price is formed on a transparent marketplace such as the Leipzig power exchange EEX. The city of Bogen had the experts from eta Energieberatung invite tenders for the purchase of electricity for its consumption points throughout Europe for a period of 3 years.

Key data on the project

City of Bogen

The city of Bogen is a public client from the district of Straubing-Bogen in Lower Bavaria.

Industry sector

Public clients

Project location

City of Bogen

Target group

Municipalities, public properties


Energy purchasing, electricity purchasing, optimised energy procurement, tranche model, energy purchase conditions, marginal prices, market prices, market analysis

Customer benefits

Tendering of marginal prices, audit-proof procedure, reduction of price risk, transparent price composition

technical contents

  • RLM and SLP pick-up points
  • Delivery period 3 years
  • 100 % green electricity
  • Evaluation criterion price
  • EU-wide open procedure
  • electronic procedure

Tranche purchasing

The city of Bogen decided to procure green electricity in tranches. With this procedure, the municipality purchases several partial quantities of its energy requirements at several points in time. The total price is the average of the purchased partial quantities. The buyer can determine the purchase times himself and thus also the number of individual tranche purchases - the higher the number of tranches, the higher the risk diversification.

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