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Heinz Weyermann Roasted Malt Beer Brewery - Savings Concept

To reduce energy consumption during lautering and mashing, a new lauter tun and mash finisher were installed at Heinz Weyermann® Röstmalzbierbrauerei Bamberg GmbH. Thanks to the new technology, the extract content of the wort could be increased by up to 4 % immediately before the evaporation plant, which then resulted in a saving of natural gas and thus also CO2 in the evaporation plant. eta Energieberatung supported Heinz Weyermann®Röstmalzbierbrauerei Bamberg GmbH in obtaining funding within the framework of the BAFA programme Bundesförderung für Energieeffizienz in der Wirtschaft (EEW Module 4).

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Heinz Weyermann® Röstmalzbierbrauerei Bamberg GmbH

Heinz Weyermann® Röstmalzbierbrauerei Bamberg GmbH produces SINAMAR®, a roasted malt beer used as a natural means of colouring beers, beverages and foodstuffs, using a brewing process patented as early as 1903 in accordance with the German Purity Law. High-quality malt extracts are also produced, which are also used in the food industry.

Industry sector

Food industry

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Malting plants, breweries, food processing plants

Energiemanagementsystem Weyermann


In order to optimise the process and save energy, a new lauter tun and mash finisher were to be installed at the Heinz Weyermann® Röstmalzbierbrauerei Bamberg GmbH. Due to the fact that a saving of natural gas and a resulting CO2 reduction could be achieved by means of this measure, the company wanted to have this measure promoted according to the Federal Promotion Programme for Energy Efficiency in the Economy (EEW Module 4) of the BAFA. For this, however, it is necessary to enclose a savings concept with the funding application. eta Energieberatung was commissioned to prepare this concept and to assist with the application for funding.

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