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Karsdorfer Wohnungsbau GmbH -  Market value appraisal

Often, the operator and owner of a municipal heating network are different parties. This is also the case in Karsdorf, where Karsdorfer Wohnungsbau GmbH is currently the operator of the local heating plant and heating network and the municipality of Karsdorf is the owner. In order for a change of ownership or transfer to take place smoothly, important points must be clarified and agreed upon in advance. For the new owner, the value of heat generation and the heating network is particularly important. For this reason, Karsdorfer Wohnungsbau GmbH needs an expert opinion on the value of the heating house and the district heating network.

Key data on the project

Karsdorfer Wohnungsbau GmbH

Housing management, production and supply of heat

Industy sector

Housing association

Project location


Target group

Municipalities, municipal energy producers, energy suppliers, heating network operators


Value appraisal, heating network, economic efficiency, heating plant

Customer benefits

The appraisal made it possible to independently determine the market value of the heat generation and distribution for the intended purchase contract.


Karsdorfer Wohnungsbau GmbH intends to take over ownership of the heat generation and the district heating network of the municipality of Karsdorf. For this purpose, a market value report on the heating house and district heating network was prepared by eta Energieberatung GmbH.

Scope of services

The scope of services essentially refers to:

  • Data recording - query and recording of technical and economic documents
  • Evaluation - analysis of the technical and economic documents with basic plausibility check
  • Data adjustment - adjusting the operating results for extraordinary income and expenses
  • Determination of net asset value - corresponds to the sales proceeds that could be achieved in the event of liquidation.
  • Determination of book value - approach for commercial and tax balance sheet
  • Presentation of results - summary in presentation form
  • Issue of a valuation report

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