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Mühldorf district - electricity purchasing

The electricity price is formed on the basis of supply and demand on a transparent marketplace, such as the Leipzig power exchange European Energy Exchange (EEX), and is therefore characterised by fluctuations. Energy procurement for companies and municipalities can take place both in the long term on the futures market, in the short term on the spot market, and in the tranche model, in which the electricity purchase is divided into several partial quantities. In order to hedge against price fluctuations in the future, the district of Mühldorf am Inn decided to procure energy on the futures market. The experts from eta Energieberatung successfully issued a Europe-wide call for tenders for the procurement of electricity for various public properties.

Key data

District of Mühldorf am Inn

The district of Mühldorf am Inn is situated in the north of the
planning region of south-eastern Upper Bavaria, in the east of the administrative district of Upper Bavaria and consists of 31 towns, markets and municipalities.

Industry sector

Public client

Project location

District of Mühldorf am Inn

Target group

Municipalities, public properties


Energy purchasing, electricity purchasing, electricity tender, optimised energy procurement, energy procurement conditions, marginal prices, market prices, market analysis, futures market

Customer benefits

By tendering marginal prices in an audit-proof procedure, the price risk is reduced and a transparent price composition is made possible.

technical contents

  • 100 % green electricity
  • Evaluation criterion price
  • EU-wide open procedure
  • electronic procedure

Project description

The tender was carried out EU-wide in an open procedure. This was done via an electronic award platform. The requirement of the district of Mühldorf am Inn was to purchase 100 % green electricity for the respective RLM and SLP collection points. The price was the evaluation criterion.

Otherwise, I would like to thank you very much for your great performance, your advice and for sending me the tender documents!

Janna Andrejew
Property Management and Schools, Central Procurement Office and Funding Office, Mühldorf am Inn District Office

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