Nitrochemie Aschau - Energieberatung Aschau

Nitrochemie - Aschau

The aim of the study was to develop various measures to reduce energy costs. Among other things, this resulted in approaches to reducing energy and costs by means of an energy supply via micro gas turbine. The waste heat utilisation of the thermal post-combustion failed due to the high costs of the conversion measures and the low service life.

Key data

Nitrochemie group

Nitrochemie is a globally operating technology company with three central business units: Drive Systems, Chemicals and Papersave. Production sites are located in Aschau in Germany and Wimmis in Switzerland.

Industry sector

Chemical industry

Project location


Target group

Industrial plants with high steam consumption

Nitrochemie Aschau - Energieberatung Aschau

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