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Online-Printers GmbH

An analysis of the demand structure was used to determine the exact amount of electricity required (quantity and power demand). This is because only the energy that is actually required must be procured. The decision on the best electricity product for the customer was based on the quantity and demand structure and a professional evaluation of the market situation and development. Negotiations were conducted with suitable suppliers on the price and delivery conditions. Our management summary provided the basis for the management to decide quickly and competently on the new electricity supplies on the basis of the final negotiated conditions. The deal was concluded with a significant price reduction. Since then the supply has been running smoothly.

Key data of the project

Online-Printers GmbH

Online-Printers GmbH is one of the largest online printers in Europe and is known in Germany under the brand name

Industry sector

Print shops

Project location

Neustadt a. d. Aisch

Target group

Paper industry, printing houses, publishing


Energy purchasing, electricity purchasing, optimised energy procurement, tranche model, energy purchase conditions, marginal prices, market prices, market analysis

Customer benefits

Reduction of energy costs by optimising demand and negotiating marginal prices and optimal conditions.

online-Printers GmbH - eta Energieberatung

Terms of reference

Online-Printers GmbH is a modern printing company that places the highest demands on its products and services. The energy supply is also of great importance.

Against the background of energy prices that fluctuate strongly in part and constantly new demands on the energy landscape, energy saving possibilities in the energy sector were examined in detail and the subsequent purchase of electricity was concluded at very good conditions.

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We would be happy to analyse your possibilities to reduce your ancillary energy costs and to optimize your energy purchase conditions.

We will create a concept for you to realise your savings potential, which we will then implement together with you.


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