Quartierskonzept Freising Angerstrasse - eta Energieberatung

Freising district concept

Many municipalities are currently faced with the task of converting former industrial areas into residential areas. This requires well-founded concepts, so-called district concepts. A multitude of issues must be taken into account. One important point is the energy supply of such new residential areas. By developing different supply variants, these can be compared with each other. This is then the basis for an ecologically and economically sustainable decision.
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Key data


The Park Immobilien Projekt Freising GmbH & Co. KG is a project company of the Büschl group.

Project location

Current industrial estate in Freising; 400 planned residential units and a day-care centre for children.

Target group

Wohnbaugesellschaften, Kommunen, Projektentwickler,

Initial situation

The Park Immobilien Projekt Freising GmbH & Co. KG planned, in coordination with the city of Freising, to develop commercially used areas in Freising into a mixed area of commercial and residential development.

For this purpose, an appropriate concept for the quarter had to be developed. For this purpose, an urban planning ideas and realization competition was held, in which the development area was divided into a realization part and an ideas part. The realisation part will be continued in a B-Plan procedure shortly after the completion of the framework/master plan. If necessary, the ideas section is dealt with later. The energy concept should therefore initially only take the realization part into account.

The eta Energieberatung was to develop an energy concept for the planned residential quarter. Two centralized and two decentralized variants of heat supply were to be developed and compared.

In the centralised variant, the heat is transported from a central heating system via local heating pipes to the individual buildings. In the decentralised variants, each building has its own heating system.

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