Biomassekessel mit RGR

Subsidy consulting for process heat

Base load heat generation is a predestined application for biomass plants, especially for heating networks and year-round industrial processes. Here, the renewable solid fuel wood can score particularly well and reliably provide heat, e.g. for drying plants.
Investments in process heat generation from biomass are also currently subsidised by up to 55 %. However, applications are tied to detailed technical framework parameters and formal presentations of the project and its cost calculation.
This requires precise coordination and project documentation from the idea to the application and proof of use.
For this project eta Energieberatung carried out a subsidy consultation and supported the application of the customer extensively.

Key data on the project

Bioenergy companie in the district of Wunsiedel

Company for drying sewage sludge with low-temperature heat from four wood gasification CHPs and a wood chip boiler

Industrial sector

Energy production and waste recycling

Project location

District of Wunsiedel

Target group

Local authorities (bioenergy production, waste recycling)


Subsidies, sewage sludge drying, combined heat and power generation, process heat from bioenergy, forest chips, proof of use

Customer benefits

Successful application for an investment subsidy and enabling an early start of construction.

eta Energieberatung provided full support in the context of the grant application, in particular with online application and coordination of the necessary technical documents as well as cost tracking.

Zuwendungsbescheid Klärschlammtrocknung

Technische Daten

  • Drying of sewage sludge up to 50 t/day
  • Wood gasification CHP: 4 x 180 kWel
  • Biomass boiler: 900 kWth
  • Moving floor as day bunker
  • Heating network

Terms of reference

The basic concept, which is being implemented by the client together with renowned companies from the biomass, CHP and drying technology sectors, includes low-temperature sewage sludge drying and a proportionate heat generation with pellet gasifier CHPs. The supplementary safeguarding of the heat supply is carried out with a biomass solid fuel boiler, which is to be operated with natural wood chips.

The project required an online application for the additional wood chip biomass boiler and its periphery.

Scope of services

The services provided by eta Energieberatung comprised those coordination and planning services which result from the requirements for online application to BAFA for applications according to Module 2 "Process heat from biomass".

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