Quartierskonzept Moosburg, eneretische Sanierung

City of Moosburg - district concept

In order to successfully increase the renovation rate of existing buildings, a well thought-out district concept was necessary. A successful realisation of the concept was only possible through timely coordination of the concept with all relevant actors. For this reason, citizens, the housing industry, private owners, tenants and energy suppliers were already involved in the development of the concept.

Key data on the project

Stadt Moosburg an der Isar

Moosburg an der Isar is the oldest town in the Upper Bavarian district of Freising.

Industry sector

Public contracting authority

Project location

Moosburg an der Isar




District concept, energy-efficient refurbishment, refurbishment rate

Quartierskonzept Moosburg, eneretische Sanierung

Customer benefits

The town of Moosburg received an integrated energy district concept for the Neustadt district that was coordinated with all stakeholders. The concept was completed within one year and the requested funding was allocated.


The city council passed a resolution on the energy turnaround with the goal of supplying all sectors completely from renewable energies by 2035. Derived from this, the climate protection concept was then adopted with 30 selected measures for implementation within the next three years. From this it became clear that a major step towards the energy turnaround could be achieved through the consistent energy refurbishment of the building stock. In preparation for a targeted refurbishment offensive, the city council therefore decided to draw up a district concept.

Scope of services

Quarter selection

In the first step, a district had to be selected for the concept development. Two important selection criteria for such an area were the aspects "mixed building use" and "buildings with a higher age".


The contents of the district concept were based on the KfW funding guidelines. This meant that the concept could be completed after one year and the funding applied for could be accessed.

Public relations

Accompanying the development of the concept, various events were held to involve the stakeholders.

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