Danone Ochsenfurt Schema - eta Energieberatung

Danone Ochsenfurt - CO2 neutrality

As part of the company's own sustainability strategy, Danone GmbH is striving to renew its energy generation at the Ochsenfurt site. The goal is to achieve a CO2-neutral energy supply for the plant with hot water, steam and electricity.

For this purpose, a concept study was prepared in which different generation variants were worked out on the basis of an analysis of the current consumption data. The comparison of these variants with regard to their ecological and economic aspects serves Danone GmbH as a basis for the upcoming investment decision.

Key data

Danone GmbH

Danone GmbH is part of the multinational Danone Group. In Germany, it is the market leader in fresh dairy products and operates dairies at the Ochsenfurt and Rosenheim locations.

Industry sector

Food industry, dairies

Project locations


Target group

Food processing plants with corresponding process steam and electricity requirements


Biomass, renewable energies, biomass cogeneration plant, steam turbine, CHP, CO2 emissions, CO2 neutrality, pure steam generation, subsidies, sustainability

Danone Ochsenfurt - eta Energieberatung

Customer benefits

The results of the comparison of variants form the basis for the investment decision for sustainable and at the same time cost-effective energy generation.


Danone GmbH is the market leader in the German market for fresh dairy products. Large quantities of steam (including pure steam), hot water and electricity are required for their production.

Different generation variants were worked out and compared with each other, with the premise of a climate-neutral energy supply. In addition to the respective CO2 savings compared to the initial situation, the economic savings possibilities, including the usable subsidies, were also examined.

The summary of the key energy figures of the different generation variants, their CO2 emissions and the associated CAPEX and OPEX provides Danone GmbH with a sound decision-making basis for future investments.

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