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Expansion of the district heating in Eresing

eta Energieberatung has carried out a feasibility study for the municipality of Eresing to create the basis for a successful expansion of the existing local heating network. The specialists of eta Energieberatung also planned the modernization of the heat generation and accompanied the realization.

Key data of the project

Community of Eresing

The community of Eresing is located about 6 km northwest of the Ammersee and belongs to the district of Landsberg am Lech.

Industry sector

Public sector

Project location

Industrial park Eresing

Target group

Local authorities planning the construction of a local heating supply.


Feasibility analysis, local heating supply, subsidy research, tendering, route planning, construction supervision

Customer benefits

Due to the preceding feasibility study, the community had an excellent starting point for the realization of a long-term economic project.

District heating Eresing -  eta Energieberatung

Problem definition

An existing local heating network with biogenic heat generation was to be modernized and expanded. The outdated boilers were to be replaced by state-of-the-art heat generators. In addition, the heating network was to be expanded so that new buildings in the expansion area could be connected to the heating network.


Based on the results of the feasibility analysis, the grid extension in the Eresing industrial park and the conversion of the heating system were carried out. Two 330 kWth wood chip boilers and a 450 kWth fuel oil boiler were installed in the boiler house to cover peak loads. During the reconstruction phase, the heat supply of the existing heating network was ensured by a mobile heating container.

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