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Erding district concept

Many cities have to create additional living space for their citizens and are currently developing new housing areas. One such example is the city of Erding, which has drawn up a plan for a new development area on the outskirts of the city. As part of the development of the district, the Erding municipal utilities were responsible for harmonising the heat supply of this new district with ecology and economy.

This concept represents the basis for an ecologically and economically sustainable decision. We help you with the creation of your concepts!

Key data on the project


Stadtwerke Erding GmbH is a 100% municipal company of the city of Erding.

Project location

More than 200 residential units (divided into terraced houses and apartment buildings) are to be built in the new development area.

Target group

Housing companies, municipalities, project developers


District concept, energy concept, heat generation, heating networks, local heating supply, project development

Customer benefits

The results of the district concept drawn up by eta Energieberatung can be used to make a well-founded comparison between different variants of heat supply. This then forms the basis for an economically and ecologically sustainable decision.

Initial situation

The city of Erding has drawn up a plan for a new development area on the outskirts of Erding. It is the task of the Erding public utility company to develop the new district and to ensure a sustainable heat supply in an economical way.

The initial idea was to ensure an economic energy supply by supplying the area with natural gas.

As an alternative, two district heating variants for energy generation and distribution were analysed within the framework of the district concept drawn up by eta Energieberatung. The different variants for energy generation and distribution were roughly pre-dimensioned and a load curve simulation was carried out for each variant.

Terms of reference

The aim of the district concept drawn up by eta Energieberatung was to develop, evaluate and compare different variants of heat supply.

In a first step, a heat demand assessment was carried out on the basis of the draft plans and literature values. Based on the building standard specified by the client, the potential heat demand and heat output were estimated. A load curve simulation was carried out on a daily value basis (approach of typical consumption profiles).

In agreement with the client, several variants of local heating supply were investigated for the supply of potential new heat customers and compared with a basic supply variant by means of a full cost comparison.

The economic efficiency of the analysed variants was determined taking into account investments, income and expenditure. The result is a draft tariff (working price, basic price, construction cost subsidy and connection cost contribution) and cost comparison (compared to natural gas supply for a model customer).


Heat network expansion

A preliminary draft was prepared for the expansion of the heating network in the new development area, in which the route of the pipeline and pipe dimensions were estimated. According to this, the network, including the house connection lengths, has a total length of approx. 600 route metres. Assuming a spread of 20 Kelvin (difference between flow and return temperature at -16 °C standard outside temperature), the house connection pipes are dimensioned with DN 25 to DN 65. DN 100 pipes are used for the main line, the two branch lines have a dimension of DN 65.

Draft tariff

The draft tariff was presented as a price sheet. The price adjustment is based on price escalation clauses and price indices specified in the heat supply contract. A constant price increase of 2.0% per annum was assumed for the profitability analysis.

Quartierskonzept Erding Poststadl - eta Energieberatung

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