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RW Silizium GmbH

The production of silicon is an electricity-intensive process. Electricity-intensive companies contribute to the stability of the electricity grids due to their mostly relatively constant electricity demand. This base load evens out the load on the electricity grids. Electricity-intensive companies can therefore "apply" for special conditions for grid costs. As these application procedures involve a lot of money, specialists such as eta Energieberatung should be involved.

Key data on the project

RW Silizium GmbH

RW Silicium produces silicon metal, silicon powder, microsilicia and secondary products. RW Silicium is one of the few energy-intensive companies still operating a production site in Europe.

Industry sector

Chemical industry

Project location


Target group

Energy-intensive industrial companies


Energy-intensive companies, grid usage, individual grid charges, path power plant, Federal Network Agency

Customer benefits

Reduction of the grid fees due to the fact of intensive grid use


RW Silicium is an electricity-intensive company for which electricity and grid costs play a very significant role. The goal was therefore to reach an agreement to reduce grid fees.


The uniform and intensive use of the general supply grid upstream of the site enables a reduction of the grid charges (intensive grid use). Part of the individual grid charges is the determination of the path power plant and the calculation of the individual grid charges. The task of eta Energieberatung was to support the customer in this process.

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