EEG-Umlage - Energiekosten reduzieren

Vynova N.V.

Vynova operates a production facility at the Wilhelmshaven site, in particular for the manufacture of PVC and potassium hydroxide. The processes are electricity-intensive. In the context of general operator obligations and in order to claim remuneration standards, the company's own electricity quantities must be distinguished from the electricity quantities of third parties. For this purpose, Vynova needs a measurement concept that meets the legal requirements and the technical necessities in all respects. After the detailed inventory, the requirements and the interfaces to existing systems were defined. After the concept has been drawn up, the measurement concept is implemented and updated.

Key data on the project

Vynova N.V.

Vynova, a group of chemical companies, is part of the International Chemical Investors Group. Vynova is the European leader in the production of suspension polyvinyl chloride and potassium hydroxide.

Industry sektor

Chemical industry

Project location


Target group

Chemical industry, companies with third-party consumers


Energy by-products, calibrated meters, building management system, EnMS, apportionments, energy taxes, energy levies

Customer benefits

With the operation of a metering concept, Vynova fulfils all requirements, especially those imposed by the EEG with regard to the special equalisation scheme as well as with regard to the EEG levy for own generation plants. The metering concept also benefits other ancillary costs such as electricity tax and the monitoring of energy quantities.

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