Effizienz steigern Stahlgruber - Energieberatung München

Stahlgruber GmbH - Sulzbach-Rosenberg

The energetic weak points were analysed and solutions were proposed. Thus a concept could be developed which provides for a reduction of the heat input via the roof windows, improvements at the air curtains and a higher cooling capacity. The heat supply can be realised most economically by a central generation with CHP.

Key data

Stahlgruber GmbH

Stahlgruber GmbH is a wholesale and retail company for automotive accessories, automotive spare parts and workshop equipment and the resulting services.

Industry sector

Wholesale and logistics

Project location


Target group

Wholesale trade and companies in the logistics sector

BHKW - Blockheizkraftwerke -Stahlgruber - Energieberatung Sulzbach-Rosenberg

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