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Heat production costs biomass heating plant

Brief assessment of the heat production costs for a planned biomass heating plant in Markt Indersdorf

With a short assessment preceding the project, the feasibility of a heating project can be analysed in a first step, with reasonable effort. The calculation of the heat price takes into account technical data such as heat/power demand, network length, number of consumers, network losses, size of the buffer storage, redundancies, among other things. The result is the heat production costs in euros per MWh. This is a decisive indicator for the economic viability and thus a basis for deciding whether to continue the project.

Key data on the project

Waldbesitzervereinigung Dachau (WBV)

Non-profit association of private, communal and ecclesiastical forest owners in the district of Dachau with the purpose of "the promotion and preservation of rural cooperative and communal forest ownership".

Industry sector


Project location


Target group

Builders of small to medium-sized biomass plants


Heat production costs, heat supply, biomass, district heating, short assessment

Wärmegestehungskosten Biomasse-Heizwerk

Customer benefits

Review of the feasibility and economic viability of an environmentally friendly heat supply as a decision-making basis for project continuation


The Dachau Forest Owners' Association (WBV) is planning to convert the heat supply of the grammar school in Markt Indersdorf. A new biomass boiler with buffer storage is to be installed. The boiler is to be connected to the existing district heating pipeline. The feasibility of the project was to be analysed with a brief evaluation of the heat production costs.

With your courteous and punctual service, your company has been a great support to us again. The result of your project work provides us with a new basis for decision-making on the continuation of the project.

Peter Göttler
Managing Director WBV Dachau

Peter Göttler

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