Quartierswärmeversorgung Erding

Stadtwerke Erding - district heating supply

In a new development area on the outskirts of Erding, a common heat supply is to be realised. In the preceding project study, eta Energieberatung compared different variants of the district heating supply. In the following project steps, the planning services for the implementation of the heat network were provided. Now the energy central with the energy generators and the associated heating network have been completed.

Key data on the project

Stadtwerke Erding

Stadtwerke Erding GmbH is a 100% municipal company of the city of Erding.

Industry sector

Municipalities and public institutions

Project location



Municipalities and public institutions, housing associations


District heating concepts, heat grids, heat network, planning, tendering, approval, CHP, cogeneration plant, heat generation, project development

Quartierswärmeversorgung Erding

Customer benefits

The preceding project study and the professional implementation of planning services have enabled a successful implementation of the district heating supply.

Project description

The energy central, which is located in the new development area, was constructed as an above-ground system building. This contains two natural gas cogeneration units with an electrical output of about 50 kW each. The electricity generated is used to supply the energy central and the heating network with electricity, and the rest is fed into the public grid. The heat extracted is used to supply the new development area. In addition, heat is provided in the combined heat and power plant by an efficient natural gas peak load boiler with an output of around 750 kW. A buffer storage tank will also ensure security of supply.

The heat is distributed through a district heating network with about 600 metres of pipeline. In the future, a non-residential building as well as several apartment buildings and terraced houses with more than 200 residential units will be supplied with heat through the constructed pipeline network.

Scope of services

The scope of services included HOAI service phases 2 to 9 for the heating network, the house transfer stations and the energy central. The preparation of a district concept (service phase 1 - basic evaluation) was also carried out in advance by eta Energieberatung.

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