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References energy efficiency

This are selected references of the sector energy efficiency. We have created energy concepts for these companies and thus achieved significant savings. References to other sectors you can find here.

References energy efficiency Klinikum Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Hospital Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Various energy saving options have been studied in detail. The cost-effectiveness of an existing CHP was also analyzed under the changed conditions (new legal requirements). In addition, a call for tenders for electricity and natural gas including contract documentation was carried out.

References energy efficiency Interquell

Interquell GmbH

The realization of innovative steam generation with combined heat and power production consisting of a conventional steam boiler with micro gas turbine and GTA burner (gas turbine exhaust gas burner), renewal of the steam distribution with clean steam generators and a new ventilation system for the supply of high-hygiene areas were able to reduce the CO2 emissions by almost 20 %.

References energy efficiency KS Aluminium

KS Aluminium Technologie AG

The savings totaled more than EUR 1.000.000 and mostly have payback periods below three years. The study also identified approaches to recover the energy tax on natural gas. The implementation of this measure, which was accompanied by the experts of eta Energieberatung, has resulted in a considerable reimbursement of the energy tax.

References energy efficiency MAN Nutzfahrzeuge

MAN Truck & Bus Germany and Austria

The project identified opportunities for saving energy amounting to 13.5 million euros per year. These range from pure organizational measures to larger investment measures such as the realization of a natural gas CHP.

References energy efficiency MAN Türkiye

MAN Türkiye A.S.​

The project identified opportunities for energy savings of around € 300,000 a year. Especially mentioned should be measures such as the energy optimization of the boiler house. By implementing the proposed measures (multi-boiler control, boiler warming, hydraulic balancing, etc.) considerable savings could be achieved.

References energy efficiency - Renolit

​Renolit Group

​The technical feasibility and economic viability of different variants for CHP (combined heat and power) and CHP (combined heat and power) have been analysed. The following technical variants were analyzed more detailed: CHP with use of the heat for absorption refrigeration, micro gas turbine.

References energy efficiency Stahlgruber

Stahlgruber GmbH​

A concept has been developed that provides a reduction in the heat input through the roof windows, improvements to the air curtains and a higher cooling capacity. The heat supply is most economically by a central generation with combined heat and power. The additional costs paid off against the separate supply in 4.3 years.

References energy efficiency Wald-Klinikum Gera

SRH Wald-Klinikum Gera GmbH

Among other things, the investigation has identified the following interesting approaches to reduce energy costs: By using a natural gas CHP, it is possible to reduce the heat production costs. The two cooling networks should be hydraulically connected in order to be able to use mainly the more effective chiller for refrigeration.

References energy efficiency Heiligengrabe


​With the heat pump technology, the temperature level is raised so much that the waste heat can be integrated into the production process in combination with a CHP plant and a pre-dryer. Integrating the waste heat into the production process leads to an annual energy cost savings of approx. € 1.000.000. The innovative environmental project was funded by the Environmental Innovation Program (UIP).