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References expert opinions

This are selected references of the sector expert opinions. For these companies we have drawn up feasibility studies, reports, expert opinions etc. References to other sectors you can find here.

Alno Energieberatung Pfullendorf - Energieberatung Industrie

Alno AG

An economic comparison of different heat generation technologies has shown that the conversion to decentralised hot water generation with natural gas low-temperature boilers was more economical than refurbishment or replacement investment in the waste wood heating plant. In addition, a natural gas CHP plant was installed to cover the company’s own electricity requirements.

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Biomasse-Heizkraftwerk Fechenheim - Energieberatung Fechenheim

Biomass CHP Fechenheim

Through eta Energieberatung a sustainable concept for a secure procurement of fuel assortments was developed and a regional market overview was created. In addition, a profitability analysis and a sustainability assessment was carried out.

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Biomasse-Heizwerk Engelsberg - Energieberatung Engelsberg

Biomass heating Engelsberg

In Engelsberg, a biomass heating plant with a capacity of 1,700 kW and a district heating network with a route length of approx. 7,400 m and 180 heat transfer stations were built. Afterwards, the biomass heating plant and the district heating network were optimised during operation.

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Biomasse-ORC-Heizkraftwerk Dillingen - Energieberatung Dillingen

Biomass ORC CHP Dillingen

Erdgas Schwaben supplies the city of Dillingen with environmentally friendly and cost-effective bio-heat from a biomass ORC cogeneration plant. eta Energieberatung develops measures for the technical and operational optimisation of the biomass CHP plant with district heating network in Dillingen.

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Quartierskonzept Moosburg - Förderung

City of Moosburg – district concept

Following a city council resolution, eta Energieberatung drew up a district concept to increase the renovation rate in Moosburg a.d. Isar. The project, funded by KfW, aims to reduce CO2 emissions in the city area by kicking off a targeted renovation offensive.

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Umnutzung MVA zum Biomasse-HKW- Energieberatung Landshut

Conversion of a waste incineration plant

At the power plant site, a waste incineration line was converted to biomass operation (wood combustion). The entire conception and planning of the biomass cogeneration plant was carried out by eta Energieberatung.

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