Energy management

Your aim is to reduce your energy costs systematically and permanently, and establish the prerequisites for tax refunds. If so, we can assist you. We help you to set up an energy management system, e.g. in accordance with DIN EN 50001 and up to certification.

Aufbau eines Energiemanagementsystems - eta Energieberatung - Energiemanagement mit System

Is it worth setting up an energy management system?


There are many good reasons for implementing an energy management system:

  • Transparent energy distribution
  • Revealing energy saving potentials
  • Lasting reduction of energy costs, thanks to optimized energy usage
  • Prerequisite for possible tax refunds

Energy management system – project examples

We support you:


  • when determining the status quo and the systematic evaluation of energy consumption & costs, and energy flows
  • in the search for and implementation of saving potentials
  • in the development of savings measures, and assessing their technical and economic effects
  • in the development of an intelligent measurement concept, and carrying out the associated measurements
  • when setting up an energy data management system (EDMS) and selecting the suitable software
  • when applying for tax relief according to § 63 ff. EEG
  • for tax capping according to § 10 StromStG and § 55 EnergieStG
  • when setting up and certifying a management system in accordance with DIN EN 50001
  • when carrying out an energy audit according to DIN EN 16247-1
  • when sensitizing and training your employees

“Various investigations have shown that energy management systems can lead to annual energy cost savings of 3 to 5 %.”

Bernhard Negele – Head of the Energy Management Systems and Energy Efficiency Division

eta expert Mr. Negele
Energy management system