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References energy procurement

This are selected references of the sector energy procurement. We supported these customers in purchasing energy and thus reduced their energy costs. References to other sectors you can find here.

References energy procurement -. City of Pfaffenhofen

City of  Pfaffenhofen a.d. Ilm

The documents were prepared by the eta Energieberatung for the EU tender. As a result, an electricity price for green electricity could be achieved that was below that of the framework agreement negotiated by the municipal associations with E.ON Bayern.

References energy procurement Deutsches Museum

German Museum, Munich

The aim of the study was to analyze and evaluate the current overall situation of the district heating supply of the German Museum. During the investigation of the energy procurement conditions, it was determined that the paied power for district heating was too high. The cost of district heating could be reduced by around 15%.

References energy procurement - Hospital Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Hospital Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Various energy saving options have been studied in detail. The cost-effectiveness of an existing CHP was also analyzed under the changed conditions (new legal requirements). In addition, a call for tenders for electricity and natural gas including contract documentation was carried out.

Referenzen Energieeinkauf optimieren - Interquell - Energieberatung Großaitingen Wehringen

Interquell GmbH

​The realization of innovative steam generation with combined heat and power production consisting of a conventional steam boiler with micro gas turbine and GTA burner (gas turbine exhaust gas burner), renewal of the steam distribution with clean steam generators and a new ventilation system for the supply of high-hygiene areas were able to reduce the CO2 emissions by almost 20 %.