Optimising the use of subsidies

You are planning the implementation of a technical energy project or wish to prepare an energy concept. Make use of public funding. By means of funding programs, the state and federal institutions offer financial support for many different projecting ideas. Hereby, the focus is placed on studies, consultation services, and investment projects in the fields of environmental protection, energy efficiency, and renewable energies.

Is it worth the effort to apply for funding?

In many cases, yes. eta Energy Consulting can support you in the search for suitable funding programs and the correct preparation of the funding application.

This saves you time in your research for funding options and the preparation of the application, increases your chances of the fund being granted, and avoids the risk of your application being turned down due to errors in form or content. We accompany you during the entire projecting phase.

Thus we can support you in the acquisition of subsidies:

  • Orientation advice on the topic of subsidies (subsidy advice)
  • Individual and project-related research for subsidies
  • Preparation of a detailed overview of the eligible funding programmes
  • Preparation of an application for funding in accordance with the applicable guidelines
  • Summarised cost and expenditure calculation
  • Expected ongoing or one-time cost savings and expected profitability (amortization, expected profit)
  • Economic efficiency comparison with other methods available on the market
  • Description of the environmental protection effects achieved by the planned investments
  • Application for an early start of measures to avoid a delay in construction work
  • Support during the project phase
  • Post-processing and completion (proof of use, final report, etc.)

The prerequisite for a positive funding decision is a meaningful presentation and detailed justification of the planned project in the funding application.

Lars Zessack
Subsidies and Biomass

eta-Experte Lars Zessack

Selected projects

In addition to the technical conception and implementation, we have also acquired subsidies for our customers in these projects.

Quartierskonzept Bamberg Lagarde - eta Energieberatung

Bamberg district concept

Cities and municipalities are often faced with the task of converting former industrial areas, barracks, etc. into residential areas. So-called district concepts are usually the basis for decision-making. A multitude of questions have to be considered. An important point is the energy supply of such new residential areas. By working out different supply variants, these can be compared with each other.

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Biomasse-Heizwerk auf Schloss Lauterbach - Fördermittelmanagement

Biomass heating plant Lauterbach Castle

In Lauterbach Castle, which has been owned by the von Hundt family since the 15th century, the ageing oil heating system was replaced by a woodchip heating system. A neighbouring residential building is also supplied with heat via this. eta Energieberatung was commissioned to plan the woodchip heating system with a connected local heating network.

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Quartierskonzept Moosburg - Förderung

City of Moosburg – district concept

Following a city council resolution, eta Energieberatung drew up a district concept to increase the renovation rate in Moosburg a.d. Isar. The project, funded by KfW, aims to reduce CO2 emissions in the city area by kicking off a targeted renovation offensive.

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