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Our services in the field of energy consulting thus extend to all areas of energy supply, from energy purchasing to energy generation and use to the procurement of subsidies. Our experts accompany you from the project idea to its realisation and are also there for you afterwards.

Energy consulting for industrial companies

The eta Energieberatung team provides comprehensive advice on energy purchasing and the reimbursement of ancillary energy costs. We draw up savings and supply concepts and help set up an energy management system, draw up expert opinions and feasibility studies and advise on applying for subsidies. eta Energieberatung also has a great deal of experience in efficiency consulting and the construction of generation plants in the industrial sector. We design, plan, realise and optimise biomass power plants and develop concepts for CO2 neutrality of production sites. The goal here is a sustainable and cost-optimised use of energy.


Leistungen eta Energieberatung - Effizienz verbessern

Cost-saving through energy efficiency

Our efficiency experts analyze the energy-saving potential in your company and create a concept for you to implement.

Leistungen eta Energieberatung - Energiemanagement mit System

Energy management with system

You too can benefit from energy management systems. We tell you how and help you with set-up and implementation.

Leistungen eta Energieberatung - Vom Energierecht profitieren

Reduce ancillary energy costs

We show you the potential for reducing your ancillary energy costs and also take on the formal work for this.

Leistungen eta Energieberatung - Energiebeschaffung optimieren

Optimise energy procurement

Through our experts, you save on energy purchases and thus secure a long-term affordable and secure energy supply.

Leistungen eta Energieberatung - Energieerzeugung mit Konzept

Energy generation with concept

We develop your individual concept for the economic provision of energy and also implement it with you.

Leistungen eta Energieberatung - Erneuerbare Energien nutzen

Optimise biomass plants

The general conditions in the energy industry are changing. With our optimisation concepts, your biomass plant remains economical.

Leistungen eta Energieberatung - Energieverteilung optimieren

Plan and optimise heat networks

Sound planning of heating networks pays off in the long term. Take advantage of our know-how, whether you are planning a new system, expanding or converting.

Leistungen eta Energieberatung - Fördermittel optimal einsetzen

Making optimal use of subsidies

You can increase the economic efficiency of your projects through suitable funding programmes. We will look for the optimal option for you.


Ways to CO2 neutrality

Do you want to make the energy consumption of your production facilities CO2-free in the medium term? We will create a well-founded concept for you.


Use electric mobility

Electromobility is ecological and economical in suitable applications. We advise you and apply for funding on your behalf.

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